Efi Avdela

Efi Avdela is Professor of Contemporary History at the Department of History & Archaeology of the University of Crete. Her work focuses on twentieth century Greece in a European context. Her research interest include gender, , the history of feminism, crime and delinquency, youth, and voluntary associations and collective action.

She is the author, among others, of:

  • «Δια λόγους τιμής»: Βία, συναισθήματα και αξίες στη μετεμφυλιακή Ελλάδα [‘For reasons of honour’: violence, emotions and values in post-civil-war Greece], Athens 2002
  • Le genre entre la classe et la nation : essai d’historiographie grecque, Paris 2006
  • Problems of Crime and Violence in Europe, 1780-2000: Essays in Criminal Justice, co-edited with Shani D’Cruze and Judith Rowbotham, Lewiston, NY, 2010;
  • «Νέοι εν κινδύνω». Επιτήρηση, αναμόρφωση και δικαιοσύνη ανηλίκων μετά τον πόλεμο [‘Youth in danger.’ Surveillance, reformation and juvenile justice after the war], Polis Publications, Athens 2013.

She was chief coordinator of the research project “THALIS – University of Crete – Forms of public sociality in twentieth-century urban Greece: associations, networks of social intervention and collective subjectivities,” co-funded by the European Union and Greek national funds (2012-2015), on the history of voluntary associations in twentieth-century urban Greece. See http://www.public-sociality.uoc.gr/index_en.html

She edited, with Haris Exertzoglou and Christos Lyrintzis, the collective volume Μορφές δημόσιας κοινωνικότητας στην Ελλάδα του εικοστού αιώνα [Forms of public sociality in twentieth century Greece], edited with Haris Exertzoglou and Christos Lyrintzis, University of Crete 2015.

Her latest publications include:

  • “Between Voluntary Workers and Public Servants: Juvenile Probation Officers in Greece, 1954 -1976”, στο Ada Dialla – Niki Maroniti (επιμ.), State, Economy, Society (19th-20th centuries). Essays in Honor of Emeritus Professor George B. Dertilis, Μεταίχμιο, Αθήνα 2013, 27-53
  • “Le genre dans la crise, ou ce qui arrive aux ‘femmes’ dans les temps difficiles”, Revue international francophone 34/2 (2015), 22-40;
  • ” ‘Sauver l’enfant dévoyé’ : La Société pour la protection des mineurs d’Athènes après la guerre”, with Dimitra Vassiliadou, Revue d’histoire de l’enfance ‘irrégulière’ 18 (November 2016), 300-317;
  • “Youth ‘in Moral Danger’: (Re)conceptualizing Delinquency in Post-Civil-War Greece”, Social History 42/1 (February 2017), 73-93.

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