Morgane Labbé

Morgane Labbé is Associate Professor at the EHESS’s Centre de Recherches Historiques, and a member of the École’s interdisciplinary research group on social and political studies of populations (ESOPP).

Trained in demography, social sciences and history, Morgane’s research has focused primarily on the politics and techniques of population studies in central and eastern Europe across a very longue durée (18e-20e centuries). She has focused particularly on the forms of rationality that statistical reasoning introduces. But Prof. Labbé has also looked closely at the organization and administration of surveys on social and national questions, as well as their intersection with political regimes and social movements.

More recently, Prof. Labbé has turned her attention to the history of philanthropy and social protection in central Europe. This new research explores the legacy of various imperial experiences (Habsburg, Russian, Ottoman) in the interwar “successor” states. But it focuses equally on the circulation of social reform projects across the European space and their various local implantations. Ultimately, this research poses crucial questions regarding the links between the protective ambitions of welfare and the succession of political regimes in the region, poised between democracy and dictatorship.

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