Judith Szapor

Judith Szapor is Assistant Professor at the Department of History and Classical Studies of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Her research interests include the history of European women’s movements and revolutionary and counter-revolutionary activism and the social, intellectual, and gender history of Hungary in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Recent publications:

  • The Hungarian Pocahontas: The Life and Times of Laura Polanyi Stricker, 1882-1957, Boulder, CO.: East European Monographs, distributed by Columbia University Press, 2005 (Hungarian edition: A világhírű Polányiak: Egy elfelejtett család regényes története, Budapest: Aura, 2017)
  • Hungarian Women’s Activism in the Wake of the First World War; From Rights to Revanche. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018.
  • Co-editor with Andrea Pető, Maura Hametz, and Marina Calloni, Jewish Intellectual Women in Central Europe: Twelve Biographical Essays, The Edwin Mellen Press, 2012.
  • Co-editor with Agatha Schwartz, “Gender and Nation,” a special issue of The Hungarian Studies Review XLI, nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall 2014).

In her current research, as a senior fellow at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, she explores the impact of the antisemitic numerus clausus law, introduced in Hungary in 1920, on Jewish identity, family, and gender.

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