Jennifer Crane

Dr Jennifer Crane was awarded her PhD in December 2015, which studied the role of small voluntary groups in influencing child protection policy, conceptions of child maltreatment, and broader notions of family, society, and state, in late twentieth and early twenty-first century Britain.  She has published articles from her PhD in Social History of Medicine and Twentieth Century British History.  Jennifer is now a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, on a Wellcome Trust-funded project about the cultural history of the NHS.  Her current research focuses particularly on how comedy and humour have been mapped onto political and social changes in healthcare.  She is jointly responsible for the project’s public engagement work, and will be organising workshops with schools, retirement homes, activist groups, and patient groups.  Jennifer is also very interested in policy engagement, and undertook a three-month Fellowship at the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology in Autumn/Winter 2015, writing a briefing about electronic health records.