Auriane Guilbaud

Auriane Guilbaud is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University Paris 8 and a member of the research center Cresppa-LabToP (Paris Center for Sociological and Political Research, UMR 7217).

Her research interests include transnational relations, the role of Non-State Actors in International Relations, global health governance, and a sociological approach to the study of International Organizations.

Some of her last publications include:

  • “Generous corporations? A Maussian analysis of international drug donations “, Journal of International Political Theory, 14(2), June 2018 [First Published Online January 10, 2018].
  • Business Partners. Firmes privées et gouvernance mondiale de la santé (Business Partners. Private corporations and global health governance), Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2015.
  • The coordination of a special issue:  “Les petits États au prisme du multilatéralisme” (Small States in multilateralism), Critique Internationale, 2 (71), avril-juin 2016.

Her new project deals with the opening of international organizations to non-state actors, based on a comparison between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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