Pirjo Markkola

Pirjo Markkola is Professor of History in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University, Finland. Her research interests include gender history, the history of the Nordic welfare states and the role of religion in welfare policies. She has recently lead the Finnish Inquiry into Child Abuse and Neglect in Institutions and Foster Homes (2016).

Markkola’s other publications include books on gender history, on the making of the working-class home in Finland, and on the history of voluntary social work in Finland and Sweden. She is the co-editor with Ingela Naumann of the Special Issue on Lutheranism and the Nordic welfare states in Comparison (Journal of State and Church vol 56, issue 1, 2014) and the forthcoming Special Issue of the Scandinavian Journal of History (2018) on redress schemes and the Nordic inquiries into institutional child abuse (guest-editor with Johanna Sköld).

Her new project explores the lived welfare state, i.e. the ways in which people as individuals and as members of society make their lives through experiences of welfare policies, including child welfare. In 2018–2025, she is the vice-director of the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences.CoE in the History of Experiences: https://research.uta.fi/hex/

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