Ann Nehlin

Ann Nehlin is a researcher and teacher at the Department of Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University. Her research is on how children are cared for during wartime by NGOs and authorities. What role politics play on decisions on how and to whom care is provided is in focus. Her current research concerns the evacuation of 70, 000 Finnish children to Sweden during WWII.

Selected publications:

  • “Building Bridges of Trust: Child Transports from Finland to Sweden during the Second World War”, War & Society, 36(2017):2, 133-153.
  • “Den goda viljans ambassadörer –finska barns möte med stockholmare under andra världskriget.” in Anna Götlind and Marko Lamberg (ed.) Tillfälliga Stockholmare -Människor och möten under 600 år  (Stockholm 2017). (”The ambassadors of goodwill –Finnish children’s encounters with the people of Stockholm during WWII” in Contemporary Stockholmers – People and encounters during 600 years).
  • “To save children – humanitarianism and a political necessity”. The International Journal of Evacuee and War Child Studies (2012).
  • Exporting visions and saving children – the Swedish Save the Children Fund. Dissertation. Linköpings universitet, Filosofiska fakulteten, Tema barn (2009).

Her latest research project concerns “Family management” during wartime. In this she explores, via correspondence, how families and children in both Finland and Sweden, managed to maintain, uphold, create and recreate family relations after having been separated, during and after WWII.

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